Shri Krishna Hyundai is an enterprise of ex-Hyndaians running this Hyundai Authorized Service Centre for Hyundai range of vehicles in Greater Noida. We have created a cutting edge facility comprising of all departments of

Hyundai Service, Genuine Parts and Customer Care.

Our service infrastructure includes state-of-the-art ultra modern workshop equipped with Test Diagnostic, Hyundai Service and Repair equipments like Computerized Wheel Aligner, computerized Wheel Balancer, Two Post Lift Facility. Engine Analyzer          (Hi-Scan), Injector Cleaner, A/C Gas Recovery & Recharging Machine and host of other related equipments.

Our focus is to build a relationship for life with our customers and to do so, we continuously upgrade our facilities and periodic training of our technical staff at
Hyundai Motor India Limited Training Center.


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